Task 15: Lucky Pair

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Task 15: Lucky Pair Empty Task 15: Lucky Pair

Post by Adam on Tue 01 Dec 2015, 11:57

You've lucked out as you have the easiest task imaginable. Your task is simply to not post on this thread until midnight tonight. As long as you don't post on the thread, $5000 will be added to the pot.

Be warned, there might be distractions and temptations,  but as long as neither of you post on the thread, you'll add money to the pot.

You can talk to each other in your room if you want to discuss anything about the challenge.


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Task 15: Lucky Pair Empty Re: Task 15: Lucky Pair

Post by BlakeMaguire on Tue 01 Dec 2015, 23:21

It's midnight u can post now kim

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